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Terms and Conditions
  1. PC Workshop (PCW) will accept no responsibility whatsoever for any system(s) brought into the workshop whereby a repair by the customer or any third party has already been attempted. Furthermore, if the system does not power on it will be assumed that the system is none functional.

  2. By leaving your goods at the PCW premises for repair you agree to the recommendations of the engineer responsible for carrying out that repair which may involve reconfiguring the machine in such a manner that it may differ from the original condition in which the system was brought in.

  3. When a full operating system installation has been carried out, PCW will not be held responsible for any additional work that may be necessary at the customer’s premises. This includes internet or printer setup and any additional peripheral devices.

  4. The customer should specify exactly which data must be retained when a system is formatted and data recovery/backup is required. Failure to specify this information will result in the engineers backing up data at their discretion. PCW will not be held responsible for data loss under any circumstances.

  5. Additional applications will only be installed if the customer supplies the installation software together with the appropriate licences at the time the job is received. However, this may incur further charges.

  6. Cheques are not accepted. Payment can be made in cash or by card in the workshop, unless you have an existing account with PCW.

  7. Any goods left for repair must be paid for and collected within 28 DAYS from the date of job completion otherwise the equipment will be disposed of at the discretion of PCW

  8. Standard diagnostic charge: £15 Extended diagnostics: £30 (redeemable if any work is carried out).

  9. New Screens fitted by PCW have a standard Warranty period of 3 month, this does not cover any physical or liquid damage. Any signs of mishandling will not be covered.

  10. Damaged laptop case, lid or hinge repairs may involve further parts or labour once the laptop has been stripped for examination as internal damage cannot accurately be determined from visual inspection. This may incur additional cost which the customer will be liable for. The customer may also be asked to sign our Repair Disclaimer (shown below)

Repair Disclaimer


           Due to the nature of damage to your equipment you are required to agree to the following acceptance of liability regarding any

           attempt to repair the device.


Laptop damage which includes the lid, palmrest, base, hinges, screen or any other ancillary area may have also have sustained other damage 

which is not evident upon visual inspection. When a laptop is disassembled it is very common for structural damage to have occurred including

screw mounts and plastic framework around the affected area. When replacing screens or screen cables it may be necessary to replace one or

both items during the repair. This can also be hindered by the availability of some parts which may not be possible to source.


If feasible the engineer will attempt to repair any hinge mounts with an epoxy resin, however it may become necessary to replace the part at

additional cost if this is unsuccessful.


As high voltages and currents are used by laptop screens, in severe cases voltage spikes can also happen throughout the motherboard which

can damage discreet components. This type of damage may not be discovered until the laptop is reassembled.


When a laptop is not visibly able to fully boot to the desktop environment it is feasible that the operating system can sometimes sustain

corruption which may also require further work.


While PC Workshop will endeavour to take the utmost care and attention while carrying out the repair it is agreed that they will not be held

responsible for any damage stated above and that additional cost could be incurred to repair any newly discovered issues.


Liquid damaged laptop repairs carry no guarantee that discreet components on the motherboard could fail at a later date due to unseen

corrosion of the device which could occur many months after reassembly. 


If customers hard drives are encrypted, it is their responsibility to provide encryption keys which can sometimes be required when drives are

removed for system repairs. Without necessary authentication drives can become unreadable and data loss can occur. PC Workshop will not

be held responsible for data integrity in these cases.

  11. Diagnostic times are only given as an estimate and may be extended when issues are either intermittent or more complex.

  12. Any Warranty for parts provided by PCW will be for 12 Month unless otherwise stated except laptop screens or keyboards which

        are covered by a 3 month Warranty. Any Warranty terms advertised by the manufacture will only apply if the customer contacts 

        them directly after the period provided by PCW.                

  13. In the event that your laptop is determined to be excessively unclean, a cleaning fee of £10 will be applied prior to us

         conducting any diagnostics or performing any other work on your system. This ensures that we adhere to health & safety guidelines

         set out by the HSE to minimise the risks of infectious diseases to our staff.

  14.  Liquid damaged systems can develop further issues months after repairs have been attempted, PCW will accept no responsibility

         failed components they have not replaced.

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