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PC Workshop offers a comprehensive package of Servicing, Maintenance and Upgrades

Talk to us about your requirements before rushing out to buy a new system, we offer free advice and you could save considerably by repairing your existing equipment.

Full System Service - Full Install - OS Upgrades

Full System Service

If your system is running slow, has virus or malware infections or needs to be updated then a Full System Service is long overdue. This includes a Full Hardware Diagnostic, we configure all privacy settings, optimise Windows to perform at its best and remove unwanted bloatware. We can also upgrade from Windows 7, 8 and old versions of Windows 10 or update to 11. Even unsupported older systems can run Windows 11 with some tweaking, ask us for details. If you have been scammed or allowed someone onto your system we can help. A Full System Service takes about two days to complete as this is intensive. 

Slow Systems - Windows or Mac - Performance Upgrades

PC, Laptop Upgrades

As well as servicing your equipment you may benefit from a performance boost, fitting a Solid State Hard Drive or more RAM can give it a new lease of life, performing much faster than the original configuration. Solid State Drives (SSD's) offer faster performance, improved reliability, lower power consumption, and enhanced durability compared to traditional hard drives. Adding more RAM to your system provides the benefit of increased multitasking capability and improved overall system performance. We upgrade all types of PC, Laptop and Mac, including vintage equipment.

System Not Booting - Blue Screen - Crashing

Not Booting Properly

To diagnose a system not booting we would first check the power supply and ensure all hardware connections are secure. We may proceed to test the system with minimal hardware to isolate potential conflicts. Verifying BIOS settings, checking for error codes, and testing RAM modules are common steps to identify hardware issues. Inspecting storage devices and monitoring for overheating are also important. If hardware appears fine, we may troubleshoot software or operating system-related problems. A full hardware diagnostic may be ran overnight to confirm potential failed components.

Broken Screens

Laptop Screen Replacement

We replace all types of laptop and MacBook screens (Excluding Tablets). This can quite often be a costly repair on some modern equipment. The replacement involves firstly identifying the exact model fitted, meaning we would normally remove the old part to get the exact part number from the back of the panel. Removing screens can sometimes involve a complete strip-down to access the panel and most screens are normally bonded in place. Replacement cost can vary from £80 to £180 for typical laptops but high-end and gaming systems can be a lot more. MacBook screens normally involve replacing the whole lid at they are supplied as the full part form the factory. Cost for MacBooks range from £200 up to £480 generally. 

Broken Laptop Case or Hinges

Laptop case damage

Broken hinges and case damage is very common, sometimes it is just ware and tare but more commonly accidental. Either way the damage is usually more extensive than what is visible. Broken hinges normally pull out the brass ferrels that the screws fasten into. This could be on in the base side, the palmrest or the screen lid or a combination of the above. Where feasible we will offer a strong epoxy resin repair to cases but if the damage is significant the part may need to be replaced. We offer free assessments for damaged equipment so speak to us first. We keep some screens in stock but often order on demand so the typical turnaround could be 3-5 days unless parts have to be ordered from abroad.


Computer Diagnostics

PC diagnostics involves various techniques and tools to determine the cause of problems affecting hardware or software components. Diagnostic procedures typically include checking hardware connections, running diagnostic software or built-in system tests, analysing error codes, monitoring system performance, and reviewing system logs. The goal of PC diagnostics is to pinpoint the root cause of issues, whether it's related to hardware failures, software conflicts, or configuration problems. This information is crucial for effectively resolving the problem and restoring the computer to its optimal functioning state. Costs start from £15, ask us for details.

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