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What We Do

PC Workshop specialises in computer repairs, maintenance and upgrades. We also repair MacBooks and iMacs, including all vintage models. Our technicians are all trained in-house and have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our fully equipped workshops are able to support all customer's requirements. We offer advanced data recovery, screen replacements, upgrades, diagnostics, BIOS configuration and performance tuning. We build custom gaming systems to customer specifications and offer free advice. Other services include remote support, home maintenance PC & Mac monthly support contracts, power socket repairs, battery replacements, SSD and RAM upgrades, and motherboard repairs. We do not repair Phones.



Advanced PC Repairs

PC Workshop technicians possess in-depth knowledge of computer systems, components, and operating systems, allowing us to tackle intricate problems that may arise. We are skilled in identifying and rectifying issues related to motherboard failures, CPU overheating, faulty graphics cards, intricate software conflicts, and more. With our extensive experience and expertise, our professionals offer comprehensive solutions to ensure optimal performance and functionality of computer systems, catering to the needs of both individual users and the gaming community.

 We offer Free Advice

Call or email us to discuss you needs.

About us
Advanced PC Repairs
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