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PC Repairs

PC repairs encompass a wide range of activities aimed at addressing hardware or software problems in a computer system. Hardware repairs may involve replacing faulty components such as a malfunctioning hard drive, power supply unit, or motherboard. Software repairs typically involve troubleshooting and resolving issues related to the operating system, applications, or drivers. This may include performing system updates, removing malware or viruses, repairing corrupt files, or reinstalling software.


PC repairs require a combination of technical expertise, diagnostic skills, and the use of specialised tools to identify and rectify the underlying issues. The ultimate goal of PC repairs is to restore the system's functionality, optimise performance, and ensure a reliable and smooth computing experience for the user.

PC Repairs

What else do we do?

Password Removal

New PC & Laptop Setup

Hardware Troubleshooting

Replacement Power Supplies

Privacy Setting Configuration

Email Configuration and Setup

Free Recycling of Old Laptops & PC's

Secure Data Deletion (With Certificate)

Motherboard Replacements
Advanced PC Repairs

“Knowledgeable and trustworthy service. Came in with a laptop that had started to fall apart, had little hope of redeeming. PC workshop managed to fix the device over a few days and kept me in the loop throughout with any delays. Professional and great value, honestly charged for service carried out. Will definitely return with any device issues in the future.”

Ben M

“Great service from the team at PC workshop. Installed a new SSD into my 8 year old MAC last year. It saved me buying a new machine.
When it developed some problems after 7 months it was replaced promptly at no extra charge. Thank you.”

Denise B
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